Janhvi’s Chilling Ordeal In Real Time!

Just how hard was it for Janhvi Kapoor to play a girl trapped in a freezer?

The actor posted quite a few pictures on social media to show what went on behind the scenes of her latest film, the thriller Mili, a remake of the Malayalam film Helen.

The original director, Mathukutty Xavier, who also co-wrote the film, returns for the remake.

The survival drama sees Janhvi put in a strong performance; our review gives her a thumbs up.

Director Mathukutty Xavier explains a scene to Janhvi Kapoor.

The actor plays a sunshine girl called Mili Naudiyal who is caught in a nightmarish situation. 


Mili also explores the titular character’s rocky romance with a boy from another caste (Sunny Kaushal) and the hostilities it brings about.


Janhvi’s father Boney Kapoor has produced the film.


All the Janhvi’s scenes were shot in a real freezer.

The nightmare makes her go from pink to purple.


She devises a way to survive the cold.


A team works on Janhvi’s make-up.


Janhvi enjoys a sadya (a traditional meal served on a banana leaf) with the crew.


The crew makes sure to wear woollies while they watch Janhvi freeze on the monitor.

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