Indian Idol: ‘I want to be famous like Neha Kakkar’

A graduate from Allahabad University, Ankita Singh has always dreamt of a career in singing, but her family was against it.

The 23 year old tried to convince her mother to allow her to come to Mumbai to audition for Indian Idol 13, so that she could move closer to her dream. But her mother did not agree.

Today, her mother does not talk to her or even answer her calls.

Ankita has managed to find an accommodation in Airoli, Navi Mumbai, and is now desperately looking for a job to sustain herself.

“I have come to Mumbai with my sister’s support,” Ankita says.

“Nobody in my family wants me to become a singer. When I saw Indian Idol for the first time, I thought I won’t be able to do it. But then I saw Neha Kakkar. She also comes from a small town and she made such a big name. I want to become famous like her.”

Watch her sing in this video.


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