Virat Kohli’s 100th Test: All The Numbers

Virat Kohli will play his landmark 100th Test in Mohali, today, March 4. Rajneesh Gupta presents key numbers for one of the finest cricketers to play for India.

Performance against each country




Performance in each country


Virat at each batting position



Virat’s mode of dismissals


Virat’s highest scores 




Virat’s scoring pattern


Performance in each calendar year



Two phases of Virat’s career


Performance vs pace & spin




Virat vs right-arm & left-arm bowlers 



Virat vs different types of spinners


Virat’s nemesis
(bowlers who got Virat out most often)



Virat’s most favourite bowlers
(Min.50 runs, average more than career average)


Virat’s least favourite bowlers
(Min.3 dismissals)


Indian players going in to their 100th Test

Note: Mohammad Azharuddin ended his career with 99 Tests.

Dravid and Sehwag’s tally includes one Test played for ICC World XI.


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