Michael Hussey reveals traumatic Covid-19 experience during 1st phase of IPL 2021

Chennai Super Kings' batting coach Michael Hussey was tested positive for Covid-19 in the IPL 2021.

Former Australia batter Michael Hussey revealed his traumatic experience with the deadly Covid-19 virus during the first phase of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021.

The IPL 2021 was suspended after several cricketers are coaching staff from the different franchises were tested positive for Covid-19.

Hussey, who is the batting coach of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), wrote in a column for Fox Sports that he left the IPL almost in a body bag.

Hussey said that things deteriorated significantly, when the IPL 2021 moved to Delhi. Hussey was taken to Chennai in air ambulance after contracting with the virus.

“The doctor with the team was concerned. He realised I was probably in the worst place in the world to get Covid at that time. Delhi was recording hundreds of thousands of known new cases a day, there were very few hospital beds and many, many more people lining up outside the hospitals in need of them.”

“If things turned bad, the doctor wasn’t sure if I could get the medical assistance I would need. They decided the best thing to do was to fly me back to Chennai, the team’s home base,” said Hussey.

“All I could do was trust them. Once we got to the airport, I was wheeled straight onto the plane on a stretcher inside the body bag. The air ambulance flight to Chennai took about three and a half hours. Then it was back into an ambulance and straight to a quarantined hotel,” he added.

The 46-year-old recalled, how strict the rules of bio-bubble were and how life used to revolve around team buses and hotels.

“The bubble itself was quite restrictive. I don’t go out much these days, so it didn’t bother me really, but I know it impacted different people in different ways. We were confined to a certain wing of the hotel. There was a gym, a pool and an eating area we could use. That was it.

“Life revolved around two events: the bus out to the ground for practice and games, and the bus back to the hotel,” he said.

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