Vidya Malavade’s Sirsasana or headstand pose will give you fitness goals for the weekend

If you are aiming to achieve Malavade's level of perfection, here's what you will need to do

Friday has come to an end, and as is the case with every weekend, most of us feel extra lazy on Saturday and Sunday. The exhaustion of the entire week comes crashing like a huge wave. But, if you are thinking of changing your habits, here is something that will prompt you to prioritise health and fitness.

Actor Vidya Malavade, who keeps posting health and wellness posts on Instagram — especially to do with yoga — recently shared a video of herself performing Sirsasana or the headstand pose. It was a perfect demonstration of the asana, one that showed that she has been practising it for a while to have aced it now.

Take a look.



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“Building strength one breath at a time .. #onedayatatime ♥️My upside down world ! (sic)” the actor captioned the video.

For the uninitiated, Sirsasana is a difficut pose, which takes a lot of practice and consistency. It is one yoga pose which requires a lot of strength and precision. Previously, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar had shared a guide on how to get it right.

1. Find a place next to a wall. Take your yoga mat and a blanket.
2. If you are wearing glasses, rings, bangles or a watch, remove them before starting the asana. Keep them far away from the mat so that you do not fall on any of these in case you lose balance.
3. Take one edge of the mat and fold it up to the other side. Repeat it to make another fold. Place the folded mat close to the wall.
4. If you do not have a yoga mat, you can use a blanket.
5. Sit in the vajrasana position (kneel and sit on your legs). Widen your knees slightly and place your elbows parallel to your shoulders on the mat or blanket firmly, keeping your arms extended.
6. Interlock the fingers. Place the crown of your head on the mat or blanket, supporting it with the interlocked fingers.
7. Lift your knees and shoulder blades off the floor gradually.
8. In this position, bring your feet closer to your face such that your head and back are in a straight line and your thighs are placed against your stomach.
9. Lift one leg up, followed by the other. Gradually, try lifting both legs simultaneously. If you are unable to do it, use the wall for support by lifting your legs and placing them against it.
10. When you learn to lift the legs without support, lift them further above your head and extend them.
11. Use the support of the wall to bring your legs down.

If you are aiming to achieve Malavade’s level of perfection in terms of the stance, these are all the steps you will need to go through.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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