Monsoon safety: Things to keep in mind while riding on waterlogged roads

A rider has to ensure not only their safety, but also the safety of their vehicle. Here are some handy tips

Waterlogging and monsoon season go hand-in-hand in India. In cities both big and small, waterlogged roads become not only an inconvenience for people who may have to step out of the house, but may also threaten their safety.

As such, it becomes important to arm yourself with basic knowledge about how to navigate the streets, especially on your two-wheeler. There is a risk of fatal accidents, skidding, and damage to the vehicle engine.

A Royal Enfield spokesperson explained to that there are a few monsoon riding safety tips which have to be followed.

For instance, when riding through a waterlogged road, a rider has to keep the following things in in mind:

1. Ensure that tyres and brakes are in a good condition as you’ll be riding on wet roads.
2. Ensure all the necessary fluids are at optimum levels.
3. Ensure that all the lights, indicators and switch gears are functioning properly.
4. Exposed wires in your bike should be concealed as live wires are prone to short circuits. This is dangerous both to the bike and the rider.
5. Ensure that your motorcycle chain is properly lubed all the time.
6. Wear all the safety riding gears. It is important to protect yourself from any unwanted slide.
7. After the ride, clean the chain and lube it again.

They must also know about what kind of streets to avoid and when to exit the bike.

In deciding whether to take a road or not, riders must measure the depth of the water, and make sure it is below the bike’s bash guard. “If you’re unable to gauge its depth, take an alternative route even if it’s longer. Also, maintain a fair amount of gap with the vehicle in front of you,” the spokesperson said.

In case the engine shuts down or the bike gets submerged, it is important to not panic. “If your motorcycle has been parked in a heavily-flooded area, do not attempt to start it. Call roadside assistance (toll free number 1800 2100 007 ) or the nearest authorised service centre for help, as water could have seeped into the engine or affected the electronics,” they said.

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