Man blows 783 small bubbles inside a big one. Watch record creating video

“Is it bubble-ception?”, this is probably what you’ll be inclined to say after seeing this incredible video shared on the official Facebook profile of Guinness World Records. The record creating video shows a man blowing bubbles inside a huge bubble.

The video opens to show a man blowing bubbles, 783 to be precise, inside a large one. The text on the screen describes that the record holder’s name is Chang Yu-Te. He also holds the record for the most bounces of a soap bubble. The video showcases both the achievements of Yu-Te.

Take a look at the clip:

Since being shared, it has received over 7,500 reactions and tons of comments from people. From expressing wonder to amusement, the responses were varied.

“People are looking at bubbles and counting i am the only one who is amazed at his breath soooo lengthy,” wrote a Facebook user. “What kind of soap is he using? I can’t even blow one bubble,” said another. “Wow!” expressed a third.

What do you think of the video?

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