WhatsApp groups seek poll result predictions

Some want to be apolitical, some offer prizes

As the day of counting of votes for the Assembly election draws closer, new WhatsApp groups have surfaced, inviting members to predict the results accurately and win prizes.

Some of them have become an instant hit. One of the groups has framed rules and asked participants to post their observations and details. In order to remain apolitical, the admin of another group has asked the members to refrain from making personal attacks. To motivate the members, some groups have announced cash prizes ranging from ₹3,000 to ₹10,000 and gift hampers. Similar to the opinion polls conducted by various organisations, the opinions and predictions are deeply divided in the election results groups too. In one such group, nearly 50% of the participants predicted an edge for the DMK-led alliance, while others predicted a win for the AIADMK. But many of them seemed to have a common assessment that the difference between the winning and losing sides would be 25 to 30 seats.

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