Six bike lifters arrested, 20 bikes recovered

The police arrested six bike lifters in four different cases and recovered 20 stolen bikes from them.

The Rajajinagar police, who were patrolling the area on Sunday morning, arrested Antony D’Silva, 24, and Subramanya, 21, while they were allegedly moving suspiciously on Prakashnagar Main Road. The police recovered a dagger from them. They were taken to the station and a detailed inquiry led them to confess. Based on their confession, the police recovered seven stolen bikes worth ₹4.5 lakh from them. The duo were habitual offenders arrested in similar offences earlier this year. They were released on bail and continued to steal bikes parked in front of houses, the police said .

In a similar incident, the J.C. Nagar police arrested two habitual offenders and recovered seven stolen two wheelers worth ₹4.3 lakh from them. The accused were caught by the police on Nandidurga Road while they were looking for parked bikes on Sunday.

A detailed questioning revealed that the accused are habitual offenders arrested in 2016 for bike theft cases. After being released on bail, the accused were doing odd jobs, but due to the lockdown, they lost jobs and resorted to their old habit of stealing bikes and selling them at throwaway prices, the police said.

The Byarataynapura and Kalasipalya police also arrested two bike thieves in separate incidents and recovered two stolen bikes from them. The Kalasipalya police also recovered 724 grams of marijuana from the accused who was planning to sell it on Dispensary Road where he was caught.

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