Rohini Sindhuri cites irregularities in land transactions in Mysuru

Former DC says K.R. Nagar MLA’s convention hall built on stormwater drain

The former Deputy Commissioner. Rohini Sindhuri, whose recent transfer out of Mysuru is perceived to be the handiwork of the land mafia, on Wednesday released circulars of the action initiated by her to revoke certain land transactions that were prima facie in violation of the law.

She also said that the choultry of K.R. Nagar MLA S.R. Mahesh at Dattagalli was on a rajakaluve (stormwater drain) and was being surveyed too.

Her response followed a press conference in Mysuru on Wednesday when Mr. Mahesh – who was among the most voluble critics of Ms. Sindhuri and her functioning – had asked why she did not make any efforts to reclaim encroached land during her stint as the Deputy Commissioner.

Just before a day of her transfer, Ms.Sindhuri had sought certain documents and records from the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA). Following the scrutiny of documents, she had ordered cancellation of land conversion approved by the authorities with regard to 1.39 acres of land in Lingambudhi village on the outskirts of the city. She had also directed that the MUDA Commissioner should initiate action against officials who were responsible for clearing the land conversion based on false reports.

With regard to Survey number 115 which is a government gomal land in Kergalli village spread over 129.22 acres Ms. Sindhuri had sought an action taken report from the MUDA on a complaint of irregularity and creation of fake records for landownership to claim compensation.

She also directed the MUDA to rescind its earlier orders approving conversion of 2 acres of land near Lingambudhi Lake for commercial purposes. Ms. Sindhuri cited Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules 2010 and a National Green Tribunal directive pertaining to wetlands as per which there should be no construction within 75 metres of any wetland. She said that any approval including layout plans in areas coming within 75 metres of any lake should be revoked.

She said “These are some of the illegal land dealings of Mr. Mahesh and there are many more like this. In fact the Sara Choultry is on a rajakaluve and is being surveyed too. Since the day I joined and even now after I have been transferred he has been incessantly making false allegations against me. The whole modus operandi is to threaten and scare officers so that they do not take action on illegality. But I have paid no heed to any of his empty threats and so even after my transfer he is making statements against me. Since documents were asked, some of them have been shown’’, she said adding that prima facie there are irregularities and hence they need to be inquired into and taken to the logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, Mr.Mahesh has urged Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa to conduct an inquiry into Ms. Sindhuri’s allegation that there was encroachment of land in and around Mysuru.

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