Residents wait for over 12 hours to receive tokens for vaccination

Heavy rain failed to deter residents from standing in queue outside vaccination centres for over 12 hours to receive tokens on Friday.

Since details regarding conduct of vaccination camps are not disseminated to the public at the right time, residents wait from 8 p.m. the previous day to receive tokens, the next day.

The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine announces the details of vaccination centres, allotment of Covishield and Covaxin at late night causing hardship to the residents.

A total of 9,500 doses of Covishield and 500 doses of Covaxin were allotted for 100 centres, 100 doses for each centre, across the district for Friday. Since vaccination registration in portals is not accepted at the centres, residents, braving the rains on Thursday night, stood with umbrellas, to receive the tokens.

Residents of Water Office Road wanted the allotment of vaccines to centres to be increased and also wanted tokens to be distributed to each family based on electoral roll. “Since all the residents are waiting for vaccination, why should all wait for long hours”, they questioned.

As of Friday morning, a total of 4,33,253 people were vaccinated in the district.

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