Red alert declared in Thrissur district

Three-year-old boy drowns in water canal

An emergency meeting of the District Disaster Management Authority convened here on Sunday asked the people to keep vigil as a red alert was declared in Thrissur district.

Devaswom Minister K. Radhakrishnan reviewed the preparations in the district to face any emergency situation.

Shutters of Peechi and Peringalkuthu dams have been opened. Low-lying areas are under water. Many houses were damaged in the torrential rain. Three relief camps are functioning in Thrissur district, two in Chalakudy and one in Kodungallur. In all 64 people are at the camps.

A three-year-old boy drowned in a water canal at Velukkara on Sunday. The deceased was Aaron Heaven, son of Bensil , residing near Anakkal Canal, Velukkara.

The boy accidentally fell into the canal on Sunday morning. Though his mother also jumped to the water, she could not save him as there was strong current in the canal following the torrential rain that has been lashing the district since Saturday.

Later his body was found near Thanikunnath bridge in a joint search operation conducted by the police, civil defence force and Fire and Rescue Services.

As water level increased in all rivers, people residing on the banks of the rivers were asked to be careful. There is a ban on bathing and washing in the water bodies. Visitors are not allowed to beaches and river banks. The Minister asked officials to take all precautionary measures to face any emergency situation.

There is a travel ban on high range roads from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Visitors will not be allowed to tourist centres in the district for the next two days. Granite and sand mining have also been banned temporarily.

The District Collector asked officials to rehabilitate people from landslide and flood -prone areas either to their relatives’ houses or to relief camps.

In the wake of high tidal waves, fisheries deputy director and coastal police have been asked to ensure that no boats, including country boats venture into the sea.

As death due to drowning has increased in the district in the recent past, the meeting asked local bodies to set up warning boards near the water bodies.

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