Rajasthan’s new eco-tourism policy to attract domestic tourists

With the COVID-19 related restrictions being eased in Rajasthan, a new eco-tourism policy set to be brought here shortly is expected to attract domestic tourists and promote the industry. Eco-tourism activities are proposed be carried out in forest areas with the participation of local communities.

Minister of State for Forest and Environment Sukhram Bishnoi said here on Saturday that the policy would help create employment opportunities in other sectors and ensure people’s participation in the protection of biodiversity as well as conservation of flora and fauna.

“Ecological diversity in Rajasthan makes it an important destination for eco-tourism. We are set to explore the potential in the sector through the new policy, which will include activities such as trekking, birdwatching, hiking, overnight camping, safari and cycling,” Mr. Bishnoi said.

The policy would lay down a roadmap to promote eco-tourism activities during the next 10 years, said the Minister. The State is at present focusing on domestic tourists, as foreign tourists are not arriving in the country because of the pandemic.

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