Permanent solution eluding this bad stretch of road

Many motorists fall down due to potholes every day


City residents are, generally, lamenting about poor upkeep of black top on arterial roads and streets that have worn out following the monsoon rains.

But, here is a stretch of road on New Vakkil Street that not only tests the riding/driving skills, but also often leads to motorists falling down every day.

With this stretch located very close to a sharp turn from Yanaikkal and being an important bus route connecting Mattuthavani with Arapalayam and Periyar bus stands, no vehicle, big or small, can by-pass it.

“I cross this stretch at least thrice a day from Goripalayam to Periyar bus stand. I find it difficult to negotiate this stretch due to the craters, potholes and rough surface. Besides, the encroachment of road margin by cattle and a temporary median make it worse on a rainy day with slush all around,” lamented P.S. Srinivasan, a businessman.

All the VIPs of the city have to necessarily pass through this stretch and unfortunately the stretch continues to be a ‘danger zone’ where two-wheelers vie with buses while negotiating the sharp turn, said Communist Party of India (Marxist) functionary P. Jeeva.

He complained about the lackadaisical attitude of the Corporation officials, who took pains no more than dumping soil for a temporary solution that could not last even more than an hour.

“We have drawn the attention of the Corporation officials repeatedly. They come up with the statement that the tender would be floated and road relayed. But, then they are not bothered about the daily sufferings of the motorists,” he alleged.

He wished the stretch was repaired at the earliest before the bad road claimed any life.

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