OTT platforms make Tollywood producers awestruck

OTT arena has been serving delight for the audience for years in providing never-ending entertainment throughout every weekend. Even during the theatrical run of a movie, a maximum of the audience wait for its OTT release to relish in. This situation has become prevalent mostly during the pandemic times.

Those days, some of the films had directly entered OTT, and the officials have demanded the producers with big terms. However, the trend has taken a complete transformation these days, with OTT platforms unwilling to extend the similar privileges as earlier.

Now, the officials of OTT platforms are demanding that a movie be released in theatres first prior to its digital streaming. Due to these reversed situations, mainly Tollywood producers are striking in shock and remain in disappointment. For example, the recently released Venu Udugula’s directorial Virata Parvam producers have also struggled with Netflix to allow its digital streaming.

Anyhow, it is going to be a durable trade for the film producers, if OTT platforms continue their stringent prospects.

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