Man saved while trying to get off moving train

A 20-year-old man from Bihar was saved by two Railway Protection Force personnel when he slipped on the platform while trying to step out of a moving train at the Salem Railway Junction in the early hours of Wednesday.

The passenger Sivan Kumar boarded Dharti Aaba Superfast Express train that runs between Hatia and Ernakulam Junction and was on his way to Erode. At 1.30 a.m., the train arrived at the junction and was coming to a halt when Sivan Kumar attempted to get down and slipped. He kept holding his one hand from the handle of the train door and was dragged for some distance.

RPF personnel Manju and Ashwini, who were on duty, pulled him to the platform and the train came to a halt. He was close to the gap between the train and the platform when he was pulled over. He suffered minor injuries and was provided first-aid and was sent in the next train to Erode.

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