Home remedies to control high blood pressure without medication

Lifestyle changes that incorporate the exercise, diet, and  the stress reducing techniques can naturally lower blood pressure over time. High blood pressure is seen as a major risk factor for many serious diseases. Studies show that people are at increased risk of high blood pressure due to lifestyle and dietary disturbances.  A reading of 120/80 or less is considered normal blood pressure. On the other hand, if your blood pressure remains constant at 140/90 or more, then immediate medical consultation is required.

Usually such patients are advised to avoid some medicines and  the diet. Medicines for blood pressure continue for years, some people may have to keep taking these medicines for life. According to health experts, if you have the beginning of high blood pressure and are often facing the problem of high blood pressure, then it can be beneficial to use some home remedies to control it. These home remedies can help in controlling blood pressure levels. Let us know about this in detail in the next slides.

Consume Vitamin C rich things:  Consuming Vitamin-C-rich things daily can be beneficial for people who often have high blood pressure problems.  Vitamin C acts as a diuretic and may help reduce the pressure within the blood vessels. For this, lemon, orange, spinach, tomato and green vegetables can be consumed in the diet. 

Reduce the amount of salt in the diet: Reducing the amount of salt in the diet can also help in controlling blood pressure easily. When you consume too much sodium, it tends to accumulate in your body’s fluids, which can lead to a rapid increase in blood pressure. The recommended daily sodium intake for all people is between 1,500–2,300 mg. One teaspoon of table salt contains 2,300 milligrams of sodium. 

Use Garlic : Garlic available in every household is considered very beneficial for health. The  properties present in garlic are helpful in reducing cholesterol, which can help in controlling blood pressure. Garlic can be consumed raw or added to food.

Carrot and spinach : carrot and spinach juice is also considered very beneficial for people who are troubled by the problem of blood pressure.  Apart from this, beetroot and amla can also be included in the juice. It is not only helpful in controlling the blood pressure, but it is also considered beneficial in supplying nutrients to the body. 

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