Coronavirus | Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal appeals for plasma donation

Actively donate plasma for COVID-19 patients, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal appeals to those cured

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on April 13 said very less plasma is available in stock for treating COVID-19 patients and appealed to those who have recovered from the disease to actively donate it.

A day after 14 hospitals in the national capital were converted into COVID-19-only facilities, the Chief Minister said planned surgeries like knee replacement can be delayed for 2-3 months though he stressed that there is enough capacity for emergency surgeries.

“This wave is very dangerous. According to data of last 10-15 days, 65% of patients are below 45 years of age. Your health and life are very important to us. So, I would like to appeal to the youth to step out of the house only when it is necessary and follow all COVID-19 protocols,” Mr. Kejriwal told a press conference.

“During the last wave of coronavirus, the people of Delhi came together to donate. In the past months, the dip in cases decreased both the demand and the number of plasma donations. Once again, the daily demand of plasma has increased and there is very less plasma available in stock. I request those citizens of Delhi who have recently recovered from COVID-19 to step forward and donate plasma.

“You can do this at LNJP and Rajiv Gandhi hospital. This is the time to come together as people, as citizen body, as family and help each other out. If we continue to be proactive and work with the healthcare workers, with the government and for the people of Delhi, we will overcome this fourth wave as well as we overcame the first three waves,” he added.

He said over 13,500 cases have been reported in the national capital in the last 24 hours. Mr. Kejriwal added that planned surgeries can be delayed for some time.

“There are not just these hospitals in Delhi [COVID-19-only hospitals], there is sufficient capacity in other hospitals for non- COVID-19 related emergencies. Planned surgeries like knee replacement can be delayed for two three months for now,” he said.

He also appealed people whose condition improves to shift to home isolation so beds can be utilised for patients in severe condition.

“We need to also bring the hospital management within a system of efficient planning. For example, we are now monitoring each and every patient within the hospital. If doctors feel that a particular patient can be cured from home, they are being requested to go back home. This is not the hospital or the government shirking from responsibility, not at all. We will provide such patients with an oximeter, our doctors will be calling them regularly to keep a check. We will monitor their situation even at home and bring them back to the hospital if the need be.

“This step however is important to ensure that serious COVID-19 patients have beds available in hospitals. I request everyone to cooperate with the doctors over this, understand that they are taking everything into consideration and then recommending this step. It is their understanding, based on their expertise that you can be cured at home. Please understand, we are shouldering the responsibility of the whole of Delhi and their well-being. For us, each life matters,” he said.

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