Coast Guard Karnataka rescues 7 fishermen near Karwar

According to sources fishing boat IFB Varda caught fire around 10 pm on Friday.

The Coast Guard Karnataka team rescued seven fishermen and put off the fire in the boat they were in near Karwar on Friday, November 5, 2021.

According to a press release, it was around 10 pm the MRSC New Mangalore received information about IFB Varda being caught in a fire. The Coastal Guard rescue vessel C 155 went to the spot and rescued the seven fishermen to another fishing boat IFB Vajra. It took nearly three hours for the Coast Guard to put out the the fire amid inclement weather.

Then they provided assistance to IFB Vajra to tow the gutted boat to Karwar fishing harbour. At 4 am the illfated boat was handed over to Coastal Security Police, Karwar, for further investigation.

The health conditions of all the seven fishermen were good, the release said.

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