ASK ROOPASHREE: Can essential oils heal allergies?

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Dear Roopashree.
What are essential oils and how do they help?
Can they be used in cooking?
How can one use them to improve health?
I am particularly interested in how they can help hair loss and allergies that result in sneezing.
Thank you.
Shubha Arya

Dear Shubha.

Essential oils are formed by volatile substances. They have a strong aroma and do not contain fatty acids. These are extracted from different parts of plants — their leaves or seeds or even roots. 

All essential oils are not edible. In fact, the ones used for aroma should not be used for external application. Therefore, you must carefully check the prescribed oil before purchase; only those marked as food grade are safe for consumption.

Essential oils can be beneficial to health in a lot of ways. Their application could vary from aromatherapy to mild application on your temples or massages.

If you are prone to allergies and suffer hair loss, the common cause could be poor blood circulation.

Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil or tea tree oil can be helpful in various forms. You can use these aroma oils in a diffuser to ease breathing.

You can also dilute essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil/almond oil and apply it on your temples, nostrils and the back of your ears.

To balance blood circulation and strengthen your respiratory organs, you should practice yoga pranayams like Anulom Vilom.

You should also start a mild exercise routine to enhance blood circulation. 

I am female, aged 33 years.
I never had any problem with pimples in my life, even when I was a teenager.
A year back, I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to get one of my tubes removed.
Post that I am facing a severe pimples problem on my face. It peaks before I get my periods and subsequently reduces post periods. But it is not completely leaving my face, so I have pimples all the time.
Kindly advise please.
Age: 33 yrs
Ht: 159 cm
Wt: 63 kg
No known health issues


Whenever there are hormonal changes in the body, it usually results in an acne burst. It’s the body’s way of balancing hormonal secretions.

Mental stress further aggravates this condition.

Given the procedure you went through, the hormones levels might be affected and will take time to balance.

A diet with more fruits and more water will help detox the body.

Reduce the intake of sugar and carbohydrates and have your meals before sunset.

Late night binge-eating is a big NO. 

To balance the mind, try meditating — starting with chanting ‘Om’ and deep breathing for 15-20 minutes along with the Bhramari pranayama for 5-10 minutes.

To dry the pimples, apply pure sandalwood. Use the stick to make fresh paste instead of using the powdered version. Wash off with warm water.

To avoid any marks, apply freshly grated tomato with honey and wash off after 10 minutes.

I wish to remain anonymous.
I suffer from Yonikanda (Ayurveda term).
It results in a huge boil every two three days and excessive burping which lasts continuously for four hours.
My whole body becomes slimmer as gas passes.
I was prescribed antibiotics by gynaecologists. After six years, we went to an Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed hyperacidity medicines.
I hope naturopathy has a cure. 


The root cause could be acidity and you need to understand how stomach acids work. Overeating, fasting and untimely eating should be avoided. 

Have your meals at proper intervals so that the food is properly digested.

A detox of the intestines, along with an intake of probiotics, will also help ease digestion.

A bowl of home-made curd at room temperature (not sour, not cold), first thing in the morning, is the best probiotic.

A simple detox remedy is a glass of Petha (ash guard or white pumpkin) juice for seven days in the mornings (avoid if you have cold).

If you plan to have both curd and the juice, have juice first followed by curd after an hour.

Don’t eat excessively oily, spicy and packaged food for at least three months. Your meals should be soupy — like khichdi, light dals and home-made soups.

Also practice Anulom Vilom. Try taking deeper breaths to balance your nadis.

Hi Ma’am
I’m Shareef; I work in a private organisation.
My age is 36 years, height is 5.8 inches and weight is 86 kgs.
My only problem is that I normally feel my heart beating very hard every day but sometimes it is normal.
I had taken cholesterol tablets as the report indicates high bad cholesterol.
I also do walking and jogging.
Please suggest a solution.
Shaik Shareef

Hi Shareef.

There could be a few reasons/triggers for increased heartbeat or pulse rate.

If you have not already done it, it would be advisable to do a 3D echocardiography just to get a clear picture. 

To regularise the pulse, you should practice the Apana Vayu Mudra for 5-10 minutes.

Also, sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and practise simple deep breathing thrice a day; or when you get a high pulse rate.

It’s good to go for walks or jogging, but cooling down exercises are also important before you end the session.

For your cholesterol, I am sure you are avoiding oily and junk food. 

While you watch your oil intake, do not avoid it completely. Using cold pressed oils is a better option for cooking.

Ghee should not be stopped but used as a topping rather than for frying or sauteing; this will help keep up the good cholesterol levels.

Respected Madam,
I am Neeraj Gupta from Delhi.
I am a 53-year-old man.
My problem is my intestine’s very slow movement. I can not make bowel movement without the help of a laxative.
I do take Triphala and Triphala Guggul for bowel movement but it does not empty the bowel completely.
Sometimes I take one Dulcoflex pill, 5 mg, and it clears my stomach and bowel.
My lifestyle is very simple. I am vegetarian and a teetotaller. I even do not consume junk food.
I feel digestion is not a problem as I feel hungry 4-5 hrs after eating although I avoid eating at that time.
I do drink water whenever I feel mild hunger.
The main issue is natural bowel movement. I have to take 3-4 glasses of warm water as a first drink in the morning to get my bowel empty.
What should I do to make bowel movement in a natural way?
Neeraj Gupta

Hi Neeraj.

A healthy bowel movement is important not just for the stomach but overall body health.

While laxatives can help a lazy bowel, overuse can also lead to excessive dryness which further restricts an easy bowel movement. 

A right intake of probiotics and healthy oils could be helpful.

Since you are taking warm water in the morning, add 1-2 tablespoons of virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil to the same and drink. In case you have cholesterol issues, check with your doctor before you start.

A bowl of home-made curd at room temperature first thing in the morning will also enhance gut health.

The most important is our food intake. I hope you have enough roughage in your diet. The right amount of greens and fibre are important. Also, natural butter or ghee as a topping will take care of any possible dryness in the intestines. 

Further, it is important to exercise the lower intestines with early morning or post dinner (not immediately, but after 15-20 minutes) walks.

Also start with 10-15 minutes of Kapalbhati pranayam in the morning.  

If the situation doesn’t improve in a couple of weeks, you should visit an AYUSH-certified Ayurveda doctor. They might provide a course of action and therapies like Basti to restore healthy functioning of your colon.


Roopashree Sharma, a qualified yoga trainer and naturopathy enthusiast, is the founder of Atharvanlife.

You can send in your health queries to Roopashree Sharma at [email protected] (SUBJECT LINE: Roopashree, can you help?). Do remember to include your age, height, weight, where you stay, health issues and any other details that will help. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Please note: This is an advisory. Please consult your doctor as well. In case of any discomfort, please stop the regime and visit your doctor. 

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