AO2 Posters: Fans can’t wait

AO2 Fan made poster: Director Selvaraghavan, who has entertained the Telugu and Tamil audiences with number of movies, is now coming up  with another interesting film. Ten years ago, the movie Aayirathil Oruvan was released which  was helmed by Selvaraghavan. Karthi  was the hero, Andrea and Reema Sen were the heroines It was released in Telugu as ‘Yuganiki Okdodu’. Although the film was not a commercial hit, it received critical acclaim.   Currently Selvaraghavan is working for a sequel to this thrilling film. Interestingly, Selvaraghavan’s brother and actor Dhanush is playing the lead role.

A few were disappointed as they wanted to see Karthi again in the sequel, despite Dhanush also being a terrific performer. Few  fan-made poster of the sequel- Yuganiki Okkadu 2/AO2are going viral on the  social media and it is setting Internet on fire. Both Dhanush and Karthi are  featured in this fan-made poster of Aayirathil Oruvan 2 /AO2which looks terrific. Selvaraghavan is planning something big for  this upcoming action thriller, which  will hit the theaters in 2024.

 In Aayirathil Oruvan Karthi saves the last heir of the Chola dynasty. Everyone, including Chola king, dies at the hands of the Pandya dynasty and Karthi disappears with last Chola heir. Now it seems that Dhanush will play the role of the successor.

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