Masaba’s FAB Style Tips!

She’s got a stellar fashion designing career and an envious personal style. 

If experimental fashion is what you like, take a leaf from Masaba Gupta’s wardrobe.  

Oversized jacket with quirky prints. 
Ankle-length boots.
Denim pants.
Black sports bra.
They combine to create a look that perfectly underlines Masaba’s less-is-more approach to fashion.  


She proves that prints can elevate even the most boring outfits. 

Every girl needs a skater dress and shoes as comfy as Masaba’s beige heels.  


Sometimes, you’ve just got to pamper yourself silly with accessories. 


Comfort and style can go hand in hand.  


A fan of simple elegance, she never looks over-dressed or under-dressed, even when she’s home. 


Masaba goes unapologetically feminine in this hot pink blazer worn over a gold pleated skirt.  


Being cute for no reason 🙂 


Never underestimate the power of a bindi (and a great tube top)!


She knows how to stay simple yet chic as she shows off one of her signature saris. 

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