Falling in love with Udvada

Rediff.com‘s Hitesh Harisinghani tells us what makes this quaint seaside town worth a visit.

I welcomed the the first day of 2021 with a trip to a peaceful town called Udvada.

I remember coming here a few years ago to cover a story and falling in love with this place and promising myself a second visit.

Udvada, a small town in Gujarat, is where the Zoroastrians first settled when they arrived from Iran to India.

It’s a 20 minute refreshing drive from Daman, full of greenery on either sides.

The old-style bungalows, tiny colourful lanes and the slow-paced life here will bring a certain calmness to your fast-paced lives.

Not many people know that Udvada is home to the oldest fire temple of the Zoroastrian community — Udvada Aatash Behram — where the holy fire has been burning since 1741.

Glimpses from my short visit:






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