Where To Start Brand Promotion: Blog Vs Social Media

How do you decide where to acquaint potential customers with the brand and product: through a blog on your website or on social networks? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the two most popular promotion channels.

So, what should you choose to start promoting your brand: a blog or social networks, or maybe both?


If a brand needs SEO clicks to a website in order to generate sales from traffic, a blog is a great solution. In addition, by using a blog, you can showcase the expertise of the company.

A blog on the site performs several tasks at once:

The company proves itself to be an expert in the field, provided that it shares really useful content which meets its audience’s needs.

Impact on SEO traffic: More indexed pages = more organic traffic from conversions.

It is possible to use blog content on other sites: social networks, mailings.

Increased loyalty, customer confidence.

Getting readers to know authors and professionals through first-person writing and communicating with clients in blog comments also helps build professional credibility and an engaged audience.

A truly working blog is highly indexed, which is why people come to the site from search queries.

If a working blog has excellent indexing, then most of the transitions are made not through ads, but from organic queries. This allows you to save on contextual advertising.

Social Network

It takes a lot of resources to promote a brand on social media, but it’s worth it. Thanks to social networks, you can increase brand awareness, attract new partners for cooperation, increase the number of potential customers, and subsequently sales. But again, you need to understand what goals the company sets for itself.

Features of brands that are promoted on social networks

Young promising brands are working on the good and consistent design of social media profiles, as well as creating high-quality photo content. Working with visuals is just as important as working with content and targeted advertising.

Brands also maintain active communication with the audience, by involving them, arranging contests, etc. Establishing contact with subscribers is an important task for further good promotion because the fate of the brand depends to some extent on the loyalty and activity of the audience.

They also understand the importance of creating a content plan and automate the work using delayed posting tools. For example, this one is https://postoplan.in/. It is a smart automated social media posting platform that allows you to schedule posts, create a personalized content plan, and save time on posting.

What You Need To Consider At The Start To Make A Good Social Media Page.

Decide what you need social media for. It will be difficult to start a promotion without understanding the specific goals of the advertising campaign.

Start with a strategy.
Before starting to work with a page on social networks, you need to develop a brand promotion strategy based on your goals and objectives.

  • Design and create photo content.
  • Think over your content plan and create content.
  • Drive traffic.
  • Develop a strategy for working with targeted advertising and working with bloggers, and start working in these areas, taking into account the goals and objectives of promotion.

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Social Media.

What can be distinguished from the advantages:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Conversion of users into subscribers, and then into further sales
  • Strengthening the brand image. Social media pages have now become business cards for companies.


  • Investments in high-quality content are required (both photo and text)
  • Far from budgetary promotion
  • We are working with cold traffic that is not immediately converted into sales

Let’s Summarize.

If you have the opportunity, try everything: blog and social media. After all, until you try, you will not know which works best for you.

But if your budget is tight, build on your goals and choose what matters most to you.