When Twinkle Khanna revealed husband Akshay Kumar has more than 350 pairs of shoes, 11 people to dress him

Twinkle Khanna's style takedown of Akshay Kumar is every bit as quirky as her. She revealed that the actor has a room just for his clothes and 11 people to dress him.

Actor Akshay Kumar and his wife, author Twinkle Khanna, have always been one of the most loved celebrity couples. The two receive a lot of love from fans for always being quirky and fun. The couple, which has been married for about 20 years now, were at their goofiest best at style and fashion award a couple of years ago.

The two shared details about their style quotient. The Sooryavanshi actor shared how Twinkle inspired him to be fashionable and is also his personal fashion police. Twinkle also revealed that Akshay has more than 350 pairs of shoes in his closet which fills an entire room and has a team of 11 people who help him get ready.




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Akshay and Twinkle were talking at the conclusion of HT India’s Most Stylish Awards (2018). On winning the male trendsetter award, Akshay said, “Bahut accha lagta hai jab aisa koi important aur stylish award milta hai aapko (It feels very good when you receive an important and stylish award).” At this, Mrs Funnybones, Twinkle, quickly cracked a joke at her husband’s expense, saying, “Why are you giving a speech like you are pradhan mantri?”




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Akshay also opened up about how his wife influences his fashion choices. At this, Twinkle said that Akshay has more shoes than her and pants in colours pink, green, lilac, dark purple and yellow colours. “Didn’t you tell me to buy that?” Akshay asked and his wife replied, “I did but I didn’t tell you to buy the whole rainbow.”

Akshay shared an anecdote too where he complained how Twinkle cut out his favourite pair of track pants and hoodies, which he would wear most of the times. He said that those are his comfort wear.

Twinkle accepted that Akshay is faster when it comes to getting ready. “He is very quick but he also has a room that is dedicated to his clothes. It is altered to his fashion sense. He has got 11 people who help him get ready, I have no one. So yeah, I do take a bit longer but in the circumstances it is understandable.”

Twinkle and Akshay celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on January 17 this year. The two are parents to son Aarav, 18, and daughter Nitara, 8.

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