Marathi film Puglya wins big at Moscow International Film Fest

Director Vinod Sam Peter's Pulgya, about a pug and two boys, has been winning accolades one after the other at foreign festivals.

Marathi film Puglya has won the best foreign language feature at the Moscow International Film Festival 2021, continuing its immensely successful international stint. Director Vinod Sam Peter’s film about a pug and two boys has been winning accolades at foreign festivals.

Peter, who has also written the drama, said that he was proud that Pugla won at the prestigious Moscow International Festival. “I feel immense joy when I see that the story is receiving such a great response. Winning at Moscow International Film Festival is a great deal of pride for me and the team.”

Puglya revolves around two 10-year-old boys– one from the city, other hailing from a village– and how the entry of a pug turns their life turns upside down. “The film shows the innocence and simplicity of the kids,” Peter said.

Puglya has travelled to various International Film competitions, including in London, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Philippines, Turkey, Iran, Argentina, Lebanon, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Philippines, Israel, USA and Canada. It has also been produced by Vinod Sam Peter under the banner Abraham Films.

Pete and his team haven’t been able to release the film in India owing to the rise in COVID-19 cases. They are now waiting for the situation to get better to take a call on the theatrical release.

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