‘Reservation needs to be continued to minimise social imbalances’

SC, ST Employees’ Associations seek quota in private sector

CID Deputy Superintendent of Police and founder of Viswa organisation N. Kalidas has said that continuation of reservations in the government sector was necessary and it was the wish of the Constitution’s architect B.R. Ambedkar who strived to ensure equality for Scheduled Castes and Tribes in the country.

He said that many people were talking against reservations under the guise of achievement of economic equality while ignoring the fact that reservations were aimed to minimise social imbalances.

Mr. Kalidas was the chief guest for a seminar on Reservations and Social Justice organised by the Forum of SC and ST Employees’ Associations representing employee outfits from 20 government departments including railways, telecom, postal, commercial taxes, revenue and medical and health.

He said that reservation facility for SCs and STs should continue since inequality was continuing in the society.

The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights leader and State general secretary of Dalit Bahujan Shramik Union P. Chitti Babu urged the Union government to implement the reservation system in private sector also since many public sector units were privatised in the recent years. He expressed concern over the reported comments of a few BJP leaders against the reservation system in the country. “Reservation for SC and STs was incorporated in the Indian Constitution after a prolonged debate. Social justice is possible only with reservation system,” he added.

Forum convener Rettangi Sankara Rao expressed concern over the harassment being meted out to the staff of the downtrodden sections in various government offices.

The leaders passed a resolution to send messages through social media platforms to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the continuation of reservations in government sector and their implementation in private sector.

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