Kareena Kapoor says ‘hands are aching’ as she grates cheese, a scared Karan Johar gives up entirely. Watch

Kareena Kapoor Khan recently shot for an episode of Star VS Food, a Discovery+ original that will see celebrities such as Karan Johar, Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor cooking special dishes.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is ‘excited’ as she shared a sneak-peek into Star Vs Food, a series which will exclusively stream on Discovery+. The video, shared by Kareena on Instagram, shows the actor doing the prep for a pizza. However, the process is not all fun for the actor. While we watch the video, we hear her saying, “Hands are aching” as she struggles to grate the cheese.

Sharing the teaser on Instagram, Kareena wrote, “Anyone who knows the Kapoor clan, knows how much we love to eat! I’m excited to finally be able to share a sneak peek at @discoveryplusin’s #StarVsFood. It was love at first bite for me creating the mouthwatering pizza. Thank you Chef Sarita Pereira for your patience! You were amazing!”




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Kareena shot for the episode a month after delivering her second baby. The show will mark her first on-screen appearance after giving birth to her second baby boy.

Star Vs Food, which will premiere on Discovery+ on April 15, will also host Karan Johar, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor and Pratik Gandhi.

Malaika will be seen preparing fish curry. Sharing about the experience, the actor wrote, “What an experience it was to be able to recreate my mum’s famous Malabar fish curry in a professional kitchen, being guided by one of my dearest friends Chef @prateeksadhu.”

Arjun also shared the teaser and wrote, “While I am a foodie, cooking was a whole new experience. Still, reeling from the intensity, excitement and near calamities with the amazing Chef @gulaam_gouse_deewani guiding me every step of the way.”

The teaser shows Karan Johar saying, “Mujhe nahi karna yeh,” and being scared about his face while Pratik Gandhi, The Scam 1992 star, get into an angry-young man avatar.

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