Kambalapally ‘Mail’ goes to New York

The Telugu film ‘Mail’ will be screened virtually as part of New York Indian Film Festival 2021

The Telugu film Mail (Chapter 1 – Kambalapally Kathalu), which is streaming on Aha, has been selected to be a part of the New York Indian Film Festival 2021. Directed by Uday Gurrala and produced by Swapna Cinema, the film starring Priyadarshi and Harshith Malgireddy was acclaimed for its indie-spirited narration of a story set in rural Telangana. Mail explored how a hamlet gets introduced to the internet and email in 2005.

As Hybath, Priyadarshi opens a gaming centre in an idyllic village and the wide-eyed college student Ravi (Harshith) tries to learn the basics of email. Narrated in a light-hearted manner, the film captures the travails of a few naive villagers as they get caught in an internet fraud.

The New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) 2021 will be held in June and will screen feature films, documentaries and short films made from the Indian subcontinent. According to the NYIFF website, the festival will be held from June 4 to 13 this year, and the selected films will stream on MoveSaints.

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