5 Pankaj Tripathi characters that deserve their own spin-offs

Some of Pankaj Tripathi's cameos and supporting roles deserve a movie of their own.

In the last few years, Pankaj Tripathi has emerged as one of the most promising actors. Not just in films, Tripathi has made a mark in the web space as well and merging the two mediums, he will soon be seen in the lead role in Satish Kaushik’s Kaagaz, set to premiere on ZEE5 on January 7.

Tripathi’s credible performances have often reminded the audience that it is not the length of the role, but its execution that makes a lasting impression.

Speaking of his credible performances, here are five characters played by Pankaj Tripathi that deserve their own spin-offs.

1. Gangs of Wasseypur’s Sultan

Before Gangs of Wasseypur released, Pankaj Tripathi had appeared in a few commercials, TV shows and movies. However, it was his role as Sultan in the Anurag Kashyap directorial that pushed him into the limelight. Sultan Qureshi is the head of the Qureshi clan as they fight against Sardar Khan to increase their dominance over Wasseypur. Sultan is the one who ultimately kills Sardar Khan, making him quite a pivotal character in the larger scheme of the story. Even though we saw Sultan over decades in this film, a story around his life as a butcher would make for an interesting spin-off.

2. Stree’s Rudra

Although Pankaj Tripathi had a cameo in the film, he walked away with all the glory. Tripathi’s Rudra is the only one who knows about Stree’s backstory, and he narrates it in a great comedic way. It would be fun to watch his character as the protagonist in the sequel. His relationship with the unseen ‘Shama’ was one of the highlights of Stree and can be explored more in the sequel.

3. Masaan’s Sadhya

Sadhya is another memorable character played by Pankaj Tripathi. Sadhya meets Richa Chadha’s Devi as they start working next to each other at the railway station. We learn about Sadhya’s life in a scene where he shares his dessert with Devi and talks about his simple home life with his father. A slice-of-life story around the mundane yet relatable life of Sadhya would make for an interesting watch.

4. Anaarkali of Aarah’s Rangeela

In Anaarkali of Aarah, Pankaj Tripathi plays Rangeela, Anaarkali’s ever-supportive confidante who wants to shield her from the evils of society. While Anaarkali of Aarah followed Anaarkali’s journey, it would be interesting to know more about the journey of Rangeela in a spin-off.

5. Nil Battey Sannata’s Principal Srivastava

This was the first role where the audience got to see the comical side of Pankaj Tripathi. In Nil Battey Sannata, Tripathi plays a strict Maths teacher who comes across as hilarious in his many scenes at the school where he is teaching Swara’s Chanda. A comedy series that revolves around the school run by Srivastava would be really entertaining.

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