Wasim Jaffer on a roll, after ‘Pick Gill and Rahul’, former batsman has another hidden message for Indian team to decode

Wasim Jaffer is on fire these days. The former India batsman has been a rage on social media platform Twitter with his witty posts. Jaffer, a former domestic heavyweight of Indian cricket, sent people in a frenzy when he posted a long message, asking the fans to decode it ahead of the second Test between India and Australia at the MCG. “People In Cricket Know Grief In Life Lingers Aplenty Never Dabble Rise And Handcraft Unique Legacy,” is what he posted, which eventually meant ‘Pick Gill and Rahul’ by joining together the first letter of all the words.

Similarly, with the third Test approaching at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Jaffer has come up with another hidden message for fans and captain Ajinkya Rahane to decode. The new message posted by Jaffer reads: “Today I had nice filter coffee by the lake. Amazing how fish can breathe underwater. Then I walked past a portrait of Che Guevara before bumping into an old pal from Dombivali who now has a restaurant in Borivali.”

After the message, Jaffer wrote cheekily, ‘Btw good luck for SCG Test,’ which hinted that it’s time for encrypted message No. 2. Unlike the previous one, this one wasn’t as easy as the first letters of the words used in the sentence did not make up to be anything. However, upon further brainstorming, it turns out that Jaffer’s message was hinted at the batting line-up he thinks India should/would play.

The filter coffee reference is likely towards KL Rahul, who got into a controversy for his remarks on a show that had the word coffee (it was Koffee). The words fish can breathe indicates to Shubman Gill as the respiratory organ of a fish are called gills. Che Guevara was pretty simple, indicated at Cheteshwar Pujara, while ‘old pal’ means Rohit Sharma as he and Jaffer go a long way back. At last, Dombivali is where captain Rahane started his cricket.

KL Rahul, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane is the batting order Jaffer wants India to feature.

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