Simple neck stretches that you can try today

Say goodbye to tensed neck muscles with these simple stretches that can be practiced throughout the day. These also help improve concentration.

Blame it on the work from home set up or our lifestyle in general, stiff or sore neck muscles have become commonplace. Hence, it is advisable to keep stretching the neck muscles regularly to avoid a chronic problem in the future. Today, we share some simple neck stretches that can be done throughout the day to relieve any pain or soreness. These stretches help the muscles of the neck become limber and stronger. Relieving neck issues helps prevent issues in the upper back, shoulders, and arms as well.

Yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani demonstrated some simple stretches that one can surely try.

Take a look.

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How to do the different stretches?

*Sit in vajrasana with your back straight. Tilt your neck sideways with the help of your hand. Repeat on the other side. This helps exercise stiff muscles and lends flexibility which helps ward off neck pain.

*Sit in vajrasana or on your feet with your back straight. Gently push the head back. Then gently pull the head down. Hold these poses for 15-30 seconds each to relieve any pressure on the tired neck muscles.

*Grab wrist at the back, and stretch the neck gently. Feel the stretch in the wrists which would help the shoulders open up leading to an instant energy boost.

*Garudasana or eagle pose arms, where the palms are wrapped around each other while crossing at the wrists, is said to be an effective exercise to get rid of neck tension. It helps improve the sense of balance while stretching the upper back and shoulders.

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Pro tips

These simple stretches can be done while sitting on your couch and can be practiced at regular intervals throughout the day. Doing so will also make you feel energetic and help you improve your focus while relieving tensed muscles.

This can be done while you’re seated or on your feet. Keep the moves slow and smooth for better results.

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