Salon owner offers free haircuts to celebrate birth of daughter in Gwalior

A salon owner offered free hair cuts to customers at his three salons in Gwalior on Monday to celebrate the birth of a girl child.

“Through the step, I want to give a message that the birth of a daughter brings immense happiness. People should not be sad on the birth of a girl child,” said Salman, the salon owner.

A poster was also installed outside the shop announcing that “free services will be available to customers on January 4 to welcome the birth of a girl child at our home”.

“People usually get sad when a girl child takes birth at their home. We decided to make all our three shops free on January 4 to show people that they should feel happy about the birth of a child irrespective of its gender,” Salman added.

Salman’s daughter was born on December 26 last year.

“We have served 70 to 80 people for free today which is worth Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500,” he said.

Customers also lauded the move by the salon owner. “It gives a positive message to the society that we all should celebrate the birth of girl child,” a customer said.

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