Is this wonder ingredient the key to glossy hair?

You can try using it once every week in case of too much dryness or frizziness, or once every few weeks

Most people want their hair to look lustrous and shiny all the time. But the daily stress of life, coupled with pollution and laziness, can impact the tresses negatively, making them look dull and lifeless. But there are many things you can do actually, from the comfort of your house, to revive your hair and make them look glossy again!

We all know that one of the best ingredients to use on the skin is petroleum jelly, which is also commonly known by its brand name ‘Vaseline’. It is known to work its magic by creating a protective barrier on the skin, sheltering its moisture. But does it work for the hair as well?

There are some claims that petroleum jelly can combat frizziness of the hair when used in moderate amounts.

How you can use it

First things first, you need to understand that there are no claims that Vaseline can promote hair growth. This is why, it is advisable that you avoid using it on the scalp, because it can be difficult to wash off. And before you begin, you can do a patch test first; though there aren’t any known risks, a test done 24 hours before using it on the tresses can warn you of possible allergic reactions.

Take a little bit of the petroleum jelly on your fingers and gently massage it on the locks, before you wash it off with a mild shampoo. As mentioned earlier, it can help you manage the hair by removing its frizziness and making it look livelier.

Some people also prefer leaving it on for a few hours, sometimes overnight, for it to work its magic. You can do that, after which you can cover your hair with a clean towel and go off to sleep. You can wash it off in the morning.


As you are already aware, it can stick to the hair and its removal can be tricky — especially if you use too much of it. Use any mild shampoo and some warm water to wash your hair. Before that, you can even use some coconut oil to help reduce the greasiness.

You can try doing this once every week in case of too much dryness or frizziness, or once every few weeks in the colder months.

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