Promoting veganism on Kilimanjaro

A team of five climbed Africa’s highest mountain peak, Kilimanjaro, a few days ago to propagate the concept of veganism. City-based journalist Sarada and her team reached the 19,340-foot mountain peak on September 10, informed a press release. She turned vegan after learning about the torture that bovine animals undergo for the sake of milk and its by-products, meat, leather and wool.

“The whole trek was an exciting experience. I got to learn a great deal about the culture and people. This trek wouldn’t have been successful without everyone who helped me back home and here,” she said. Veganism also aids in a better environment since it helps in reducing carbon emissions, ensures better land and water management and helps attain a rich biodiversity, she added.

“I urge everyone to turn vegan. It is not that difficult and one need not quit everything at once. One step at a time can make a big difference,” she stated in the release.

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