Get inspired by these celebs and work on your fitness goals

New Year brings in hope, new dreams and aspirations for all of us. It is all about setting new goals and taking resolutions. And doing the same are these celebrities, who have their fitness goals sorted for the year 2021. Read on, and yes, get motivated.

Sunil Chhetri, Footballer

Captain of the Indian Football team, Sunil Chhetri believes that nothing is more important than giving the right amount of rest to the body that it needs.

“I am not really one for resolutions of any kind, so I have not made a conscious list. However rest and recovery is underrated. My mantra for fitness is to keep listening to your body. I have switched my routines and lifestyle considerably over the last few years and I intend being consistent with it. For those who are chasing their fitness goals for the year, just remember to keep listening to your body and giving it all the rest it needs,” says Chhetri.

Dutee Chand, Sprinter

Tougher targets for the new year–Breaking her own record is the major goal this year for athlete Dutee Chand. 

“I want to break my current record in terms of speed and plan to focus on the same. There has not been any competitions since a year, so I want to get a hold of my speed to keep up with my fitness game. It will not only help me keep fit but will also help me in improving my game,” she says.

Adah Sharma, Actor

Working out is all about having fun, and proving the same is Adah Sharma who believes that maintaining fitness is like a routine for her.

“Working out and keeping up with my fitness is a part of my lifestyle now and has become very important for me. I have been focusing on Indian martial arts like  Selumbum and Nunchuks. I have recently been practising Nunchucks a lot and I plan to improvise on that, so I can spin the stick faster,” she says.

Shantanu Maheshwari, Actor and choreographer

Exploring new ways to work out is the motto for Shantanu this year.

“This year is going to be all about exploring new ways of working out for myself. Be it taking up a new sport like squash or tennis, or even trying out cross fit training, I am going to aim at incorporating variation in my fitness regime. I am also going to try and explore the healthy eating way of life in 2021, as I feel that a correct balance between eating right and working out is essential,” says Maheshwari.

Tinna Dattaa, Actor

A firm practitioner of yoga, Dutta believes that this year will be all about becoming a pro in yoga

“Yoga has become a favourite form of exercise that I not only rely on to tone myself, but also use it to rejuvenate and refresh my body. So 2021 is going to be all about me getting well acquainted with all the possible Yoga asanas, to become as much of a pro as I can at mastering the art of Yoga,” she says.

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