Alia Bhatt shows a glimpse of her daughter Raha’s cute baby bib, says, ‘It’s the little thing’

Alia Bhatt, who is happily married to Ranbir Kapoor, recently became a proud mother to a baby girl named Raha Kapoor. Even though she’s excelling in her career, Alia never misses a chance to cherish moments with her family. While they initially decided to keep Raha away from the public eye, Alia occasionally shares sweet glimpses of her life as a doting mom.

Alia Bhatt shows Raha’s cute little bib

On September 3, 2023, Alia delighted her followers by posting an adorable picture of Raha’s baby bib on her Instagram. The bib was white with a tiny embroidered label that read ‘I’m a rainbow’. Alia added a heart emoji and wrote, “It’s the little things… She also expressed gratitude to the brand that provided this cute bib for her baby girl.

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Alia’s bag is always full of Raha’s stuff

In a recent collaboration with Vogue, Alia showed the contents of her expensive Adidas bag. It turned out that Raha’s essentials had taken over the bag as they were travelling in London. The bag contained mittens, pacifiers, socks, and more, reflecting the typical life of a mom. Alia even revealed that Raha was at a stage where she tried to remove her mittens with her mouth, so she always carried an extra pair. Her bag, which used to be hers alone, was also filled with Raha’s belongings, except for her passport.

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Emphasizes not being bothered with post-delivery body size

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Alia talked about her post-pregnancy experience. She found the incredible capabilities of the human body after giving birth to Raha. Alia admitted to being self-conscious about her body before but decided not to obsess over it anymore. She emphasized that there are more important things in life and encouraged her younger self to focus on what truly matters rather than worrying about her appearance.


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