Akshay Kumar unveils FAU-G anthem, people introduce PUBG memes on Twitter

Akshay Kumar recently took to Instagram to share the anthem of upcoming game FAU-G and also revealed its launch date which is on January 26. “Whether it’s a problem within the country or at the border…these Bharat Ke Veer always stand tall. They are our Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G! Witness the anthem,” he wrote. Since being shared, the post has created a buzz among people. And as expected, some creative minds on Twitter took that excitement a step further by sharing some hilarious PUBG memes.

From remembering the now-banned game PUBG to imagining how the owner of the game may feel, people came up with rib-tickling memes. Just like this Twitter user who used a popular dialogue from the show Mirzapur 2 to express themselves.

Then there is this individual who shared a meme on an imaginative conversation between owners of PUBG and the “overexcited” gamers:

“After looking at the teaser of #FAUG, #PUBG to Indians,” wrote a user of the micro-blogging site and shared this:

Here are some of the other memes that may leave you thoroughly entertained.

Which meme made you laugh the hardest?

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