Water supply to be revamped

The Tiruchi Corporation has planned to revamp the water distribution system in Woraiyur under the Smart Cities Mission. The work, valued at ₹7.03 crores, involves relaying of old and worn out pipelines.

Officials said a tender has been called for the work and the project will commence soon.

The work is being undertaken to implement water supply round the clock as part of area-based development of the Smart Cities Mission.

The area identified is a seven-km area around Rockfort.

The project has been taken up where an existing tank of 10 lakh litres capacity will provide water to four wards of 57, 58, 59, and 60 through new pipelines and new house connections.

A total of 24.058 km of pipelines is to be laid with 7,787 new connections.

While it had been conducting regular maintenance works on these pipelines, it was recognised that it had experienced severe wear and tear.

‘They were laid at least 50 years ago so that their life is over. We need to account for increasing urbanisation and provide bigger pipelines and ensure that all houses are connected to it so that they receive round-the-clock water supply, an official said. The project includes setting up of smart meters in water connections.

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