Virtual events to mark Fish Farmers’ Day

Micro-level directory with panchayat-level details to be released

As part of observing National Fish Farmers Day, the Fisheries Department will organise a series of virtual events in the wake of the lockdown regulations to honour selected farmers who have made commendable contributions to the field of inland fish farming ventures. The virtual events to be opened by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday will be hosted at 13 locations in Kozhikode district.

One of the major projects to commemorate this year’s celebration is the release of a micro-level directory with panchayat-level details about the fish farmers and scientific farming practices. Screening of exclusive documentaries and seminars on aquaculture and modern farming methods will also be part of the virtual celebrations.

According to Fisheries Department officials, the total area of freshwater fish farms in Kozhikode district is 242.85 hectares. Over 4,000 farmers are very active in the field to generate a steady income. The area of brackish water fish cultivation is now 71.18 hectares. This is apart from those who successfully carry out the rice and fish integrated farming project.

"Though the growth is not rapid, there is a considerable increase in the number of youngsters who take up fish farming as a lucrative venture. The latest data says there are 4,758 such entrepreneurs in Kozhikode district alone," said a senior officer with the Fisheries Department. He said that the number of such entrepreneurs was found increasing since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the loss of jobs in various other sectors.

The Central Inland Fisheries Institute , one of the premiere research organisations to support farmers in the sector, will also organise a number of virtual events to observe the day and remember the contributions of Dr. Hira Lal Choudhury and Dr. Alikhuni, who succeeded in induced breeding. Farmers from different States will be invited to take part in the virtual event.

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