University to set up Himalayan Museum on campus

The Delhi University on Tuesday said it will soon establish a Himalayan Museum on campus in association with the Centre for Himalayan Studies. This move will be a part of the University’s emphasis on “environment activity” instead of “economic activity.”

In a webinar held on “Himalayan Future: Beyond 2050,” DU Vice-Chancellor P.C. Joshi urged citizens to come together to save the Himalayas.

“DU is concerned and serious about the issues of the Himalayas. Therefore the University has established a Centre for Himalayan Studies on the campus to study and do research on all aspects of Himalayas on topmost priority. Very soon we will set up a Himalayan Museum on the campus,” said Mr. Joshi.

Climate change

Also speaking at the event, engineer and innovator Sonam Wangchuk said, “In the coming years the defense will not be against any other Army or country but greater danger in the form of climate change is lurking, for which we need to get our acts together. The impact of climate change in the next 20-30 years may result in lake burst which can be avoided with human intervention for which research and development need to be dedicated to this issue.”

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