Unexpected shock.. A Young Tollywood director died!

Another tragedy has taken place in the film industry. It is learned that Shyam Siddharth, the father of young Tollywood hero Nikhil, has recently died due to illness. On the same day, another young director of the Telugu film industry also passed away. It seems that a director named Paidi Ramesh slipped from the building and died.

Ramesh, who has worked as an assistant director to several leading directors, has also recently become a director. Tragic shadows fell over their family as he disappeared while trying to establish himself as a good director in the industry anyway. Paidi Ramesh, who has been living in an apartment in Hyderabad for a few years, went to the fourth floor on Thursday to pick up his clothes.

And then it seems that he accidentally hit the shock due to the current wires. It seems that Ramesh fell down and died as soon as the current shock hit him. Police have registered a case and are investigating. The death of Paidi Ramesh, who was stepping down as a director, has cast a gloomy shadow over the film industry.

Many film personalities also mourned the death of Ramesh. Paidi Ramesh directed the movie ‘Rule’. The film was released in 2018. But he did not get the recognition he was hoping for with that movie. And then he started trying to get recognition with another movie again.

But in the meanwhile it came as a surprise to everyone that he had lost his life in an unexpected accident. Police are also investigating the death of Ramesh from all angles. Many movie stars have paid tributes to Ramesh on social media.

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