Uncertainty continues over organisation of local cadres into different categories of posts

No information yet from government on allocation of posts in districts

Uncertainty over the completion of organisation of local cadres in line with the revised Presidential Orders continues.

The government has embarked upon organisation of local cadres after obtaining presidential assent for the Telangana Public Employment (Organisation of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment) Order 2018 following the reorganisation of districts from 10 to 33. After due consultation with the employees’ unions, orders had been issued department wise for categorising posts into district, zonal and multi-zonal cadres earlier this month. A majority of the departments have in fact categorised the posts into different cadres and notified the same as part of the exercise.

Though the departments completed their exercise, guidelines had not been issued for arriving at the number of employees who should be deployed in each of the districts. Employees who are currently working on “order to serve” basis in different districts are expected to receive communication from the government for exercising their options relating to the districts which they prefer to work from.

“The exercise needs allocation of posts in all the districts and the ratio should be fixed. But there is no information forthcoming from the government in this direction,” an employees union leader said. The government had to allocate the posts first and this should be followed by inviting options from the employees.

Subsequently, issues like nativity of the employees and vacancies in different levels should be ascertained for their allocation department wise to the districts in line with the provision that 95% of the posts are reserved for locals. “The old Mahbubnagar district, for instance, is divided into five districts. Parts of the old district have been merged with Vikarabad and Ranga Reddy and there is no clarity on the allocation of the posts to these districts so as to identify the vacancies,” he said.

The joint action committee of employees had submitted memorandum to the government more than once, but no action had been initiated into the issue thus far. The exercise assumes significance as the Presidential Order states that the government should within a period of 36 months of the commencement of the order (August 30, 2018) organise classes of posts in the civil services and classes of civil posts under the State into various local cadres for different parts of the State.

With the deadline August 30 for completion of the process approaching fast, employees are unsure on whether the government would go for seeking their options or whether it would take up allocation of the staff directly.

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