Two child care centres started at Bheemili and Narsipatnam

They will take care of children whose parents are affected by COVID, say officials

To ensure proper care of children whose parents are affected by COVID-19 and are under treatment, officials from the Women and Child Welfare Department, in association with Child Line and a some NGOs, has started two child care centres at Bheemili and Narsipatnam, in the district. Both the centres can accommodate about 30 children as of now.

The district has been witnessing very rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in the second wave. In May alone, close to 30,000 new infections were reported and over 200 persons died. In many families, both father and mother are affected by COVID-19 and being treated in hospitals, and their children are being left alone. In such cases, the Women and Child Welfare Department has come forward to take care of those children.

Project Director, Integrated Child Development Society (ICDS), Sitamahalakshmi, said that the centres have all facilities for the children.

“We have arranged cooks and caretakers to look after the children. Once parents test positive, their children will also be tested. In case they test negative and if their family members do not come forward to take care of them, the department will look after the children. People can reach us through 181, 1098 or even contact the department,” she said.

District Child Protection Officer A. Satyanarayana said that in order to give a friendly atmosphere, the bedrooms are arranged neatly. “If the children feel home sick, we will also arrange video call facility (if parents are not on ventilator support),” he said.

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