Thanjavur man survives critical heart condition

He had an aortic tear and blood supply to the right half of his brain was cut

A 50-year-old fireman from Thanjavur survived a critical heart condition, thanks to appropriate surgical intervention.

The Fire and Rescue Services Department employee had developed dizziness and a sudden weakness in his left leg and could not walk. He was treated for stroke in a nearby hospital, where an MRI scan showed that the blood supply to the right half of his brain was cut. There was a massive tear in his aorta, the main blood vessel in the heart, which could lead to bleeding outside the heart. It could extend into the coronary artery or the aortic valve, and stop blood supply to his vital organs such as the brain, kidney or the gut. Such patients require an open heart surgery to replace the torn aorta with prosthetic graft.

The patient was shifted to Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC). Dr. Murugu Sundara Pandiyan, senior cardiothoracic surgeon, and Anto Saharaj, senior consultant (cardiothoracic and vascular surgery), along with cardiac anaesthetists, Gokul and Sudheer, treated him.

Dr. Pandiyan said, “Apart from stroke, he suffered renal dysfunction as well. His platelet count was low, calling for control of excessive bleeding. The surgery was done by putting the patient on a heart-lung machine and cooling his body to 18 degree to prevent brain ischemia.” The patient recovered gradually and began to walk with minimal support in a few days, the specialist added.

Alok Khullar, chief executive officer of GGHC, said, aortic dissections are rare, where diagnosis and treatment is an immense task.

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