Self-certification system for building permits

New system will save applicants from long wait for clearance

The Local Self-Government (LSG) Department has introduced a self-certification system for the construction of low risk category residential houses below 300 square metre in area to ease the process of building permit application.

The system will be applicable for commercial buildings below 100 square metre and educational institutions, hostels, old age homes and religious institutions below 200 square metre.

For buildings for which self-certification is cleared, checks will be carried out on completion of the foundation so that violations can be detected at an earlier stage. The self-certification can be done through empanelled licensees, who can submit the application along with the building plan to the respective local body.

Once the local body secretary acknowledges receipt of application, it can be deemed as a permit for construction and work started. The secretaries have been asked to complete this process within five days of receipt of the application.

This new system will save applicants from the long wait for clearance after submitting building permit applications. The licensee and the building owner have the responsibility to ensure that there are no violations in the plan. The permit applications have to be submitted with the required no objection certificates.

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