Schools to take preparatory measures before reopening Classes I to VIII

Block Educational Officers have been asked to inspect all schools by October 27

As Tamil Nadu gears up to reopen schools for Classes I-VIII from November 1, the Directorate of Elementary Education has sent detailed instructions to schools and district officials on the measures to be taken on the campuses to ensure cleanliness, safety, hygiene and the physical and mental health of students.

Block Educational Officers have been asked to carry out inspections at all schools by October 27. District and Chief Educational Officers have been asked to carry out random checks at schools to ensure that the campuses are safe and clean.

It has also been recommended that school management committees discuss the measures required for the welfare of students on campus. Schools have been asked to ensure an adequate supply of masks and sanitisers and check the temperature of all students, teaching and non-teaching staff members as they enter the campus. They have also been told to keep the grounds, classrooms and toilets clean and to disinfect and sanitise the premises regularly.

Teachers have been asked to be mindful of the physical and mental well-being of students and encourage sharing of experiences and discussions in the classroom. Besides ensuring a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, the schools will dedicate the first few weeks to covering the refresher course module which was released by the State Council of Educational Research and Training to address the learning gaps. Ahead of the reopening, schools have been asked to check out whether all their teaching and non-teaching staff members have been vaccinated.

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