Samantha comments on Media : We're entertainers, Not fact-checkers

Samantha Akkineni, who is one of the popular actresses of South Indian film Industry, called out the section of media who judge an actor for having or not having an opinion on important matters of the day.  Samantha took to her Instagram  and shared a video in which she participated in the ‘What Did She Say’ challenge. The ‘What Did She Say’ challenge has been trending on Instagram for a while now.

This time, Rangasthalam lady didn’t just want to show off her cute new outfit, she also had an opinion to share.   Akkineni Bahu Samantha wrote, “Why are actors crucified for having an opinion about the important matters pertaining to the world? We are the humans too and We make mistakes too.

But canceling us for speaking out or not speaking out aloud on each  and every topic is a bit unfair, don’t you think? Let us stick to what we do best. making you fall in love with our performances.”

‘What Did She Say’ challenge  encourages men and women to express how they went against societal norms.  Finally Majili lady  Samantha made  it clear that an actors’ job is to entertain 1st  and that they are not on social media to share their opinion.

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