Rain intensifies in Kodagu district

Low-lying areas have been flooded; authorities asked to be on full alert

The south-west monsoon intensified in Kodagu and gained vigour since the last few days.

The district received 92.4 mm of rainfall for the 24-hour period ending 8.30 a.m. on Friday and the low-lying areas have been flooded owing to increase in the flow in the rivulets.

During the last seven days, Kodagu received 229.4 mm of rainfall as against the normal of 191.2 mm. Authorities have been directed to be on standby and full alert for possible evacuation of people. Local MLA Appachu Ranjan visited some of the affected areas.

He visited the main road connecting Mukkodlu and Tanthipala with Hattihole which was blocked due to a vast mound of mud caving in consequent to the collapse of the retaining wall. The road was cleared of the mud mound while people living in the downstream of Hatihole were advised to relocate to safer places as it was overflowing. The inflow into the Harangi reservoir had increased and it was at the rate of 20,000 cusecs on Friday afternoon.

A giant tree that had fallen on the Thithimathi-Nayimane Colony Road was cleared by the Forest Department personnel from Thithimathi range office. Power lines and poles which were damaged were replaced and inspected by the CESC officials at Bethri and Murnad villages.

The Cauvery was also swollen due to incessant rains; Virajpet tahsildar Yogananda visited the riverbanks at Bethri to take stock of the situation. The retaining wall of the road near Hodakana village has breached.

It rained incessantly during the last 24 hours in Bhagamandala, Napoklu, Sampaje, Kodlipet, Santhahalli, Virajpet, Srimangala etc.

Bhagamandala received 112.4 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours as against the normal of 68.3 mm. However, during the last seven days it received 315 mm of rainfall as against the normal of 487.4 mm while the shortfall is 53 per cent for July. As against the normal of 1532.2 mm of rainfall Bhagamandala received only 719 mm so far during the month.

But the rainfall pattern since the last few years indicate that the shortfall is made up by incessant rains that lash the district in the last week of July or the first week of August. This has caused concern to the local community as the downpour in a short span of time causes havoc resulting in loss of life and damage to property.

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