PM Modi to address three public rallies in Punjab

Ahead of the Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address three public rallies in Punjab on February 14, 16, and 17 covering all the three regions of Malwa, Doaba, and Majha.

Punjab State BJP general secretary Subash Sharma said Mr. Modi will address the first rally in Jalandhar on February 14, the second rally in Pathankot on February 16, and the third in Abohar on February 17.

“Prime Minister’s rallies will change the political atmosphere in the State and further boost the confidence of all the NDA candidates fighting elections”, he said.

Punjab is broadly divided into Malwa, Doaba, and Majha regions. The Malwa region comprises 69 Assembly constituencies of the total 117 seats in the State. The Majha region has 25 Assembly seats while Doaba accounts for 23 Assembly seats.

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